Dream Theater:Sacrificed Sons

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“Sacrificed Sons”
Artist: Dream Theater
Albums: Octavarium (2005)
Composers: Dream Theater
Lyricists: James LaBrie

"[Audio samples from 9/11]
This has all the appearances of an extraordinarily well-coordinated and devastating terrorist attack
Terrorism against our nation will not stand. The government will hunt down those responsible
Terrorism means striking terror in the hearts of people; that has been accomplished
...Looking in awe, amazement, shock, and grief and anger at what they were seeing in front of them
There has just been a huge explosion. You can see, uh, a billowing smoke rising, there was a cascade of sparks and fire and we see this extraordinarily big, frightening scene behind us
There is panic on the streets. There are people screaming and running
Good Lord. There are no words
...3000 Palestinians [unintelligible], chanting "God is good."
This is just a horrific scene and a horrific moment, but just look at that. That is about as frightening a scene as you will ever see
But there are times in your life that are life changing, where your life can never be the same and this appears certainly to be one of them."

Walls are closing
Channel surfing

Burning City
Smoke and fire
Planes we're certain
Faith inspired

No clues
A complete suprise
Who'll be
Coming home tonight

Heads all turning
Towards the sky
Towers crumble
Heroes die

Who would wish this on
On our people
And proclaim
That His will be done
Scriptures they heed have misled them
All praise their Sacrifice Sons

Teach them
What to think and feel
Your ways
So enlightening

Words they preach
I can't relate
If God's true Love
Are acts of Hate

God on High
Our mistakes
Will mankind be extinct?
There's no time to waste
Who serves the truth
For Heavens' sake