World/Inferno Friendship Society:The Naughty Little Rat Makes New Friends

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The Naughty Little Rat Makes New Friends
Artist: World/Inferno Friendship Society
Album: Just The Best Party

Off she went there i stayed.
staying drunk for a couple of days.
there were other girls,
friends of hers of course.
they fought like wolves and
fed like sharks.
but when the one you love loves you no more
it don't matter who else might
it don't matter who else does.
and it sucks to be alone at a party.
so when it came time to move on the show
i let my machine take the call
and i let it go.
later, when the hurt cooled down
i went looking for the party
but it wasn't around.

people had heard of it
i found some people who'd left and
i found another girl i liked
looking up an old address.
but i never found that party,
never saw it again.
and i always find myself thinking about it.
wondering if it's still around
and if i would recognize it,
and what i might have been
like if i'd never been a part of it
it was just the best party,
the music was good
and the girls were pretty.
it was the kind of gig that
would shape your life
for years to come.
and if i never find that party
if maybe it's long been over and done,
if i never find that party,
i am going to throw you one.