Velvet Acid Christ:Pain

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Artist: Velvet Acid Christ
Albums: Church Of Acid (1996)

Locked in a still position
Swaying back and forth
Needles in my arms
Broken inside
My chest rips open
And blood runs on the floor
Sealing my heart
Gazing at a wall
In some dark corner
Somewhere in time
Try to make sense
Relation unknown
Alone, alone, alone
In pain, and pain, in pain
Fear is here
Bleeding inside
Oh, you will remind
The anger all lost in fear
I never lied to you
You always lied to me
What the fuck is the difference?
I'm sitting here bleeding inside, inside, inside
It's no big deal
It's no big deal
Wrapped in lies
Close your eyes
See the pain
Locked inside
Ripped open for a fucking dollar
A green piece of paper shatters my life
Twisted up until I scream
Let me go, release me
Release me, release me, release me
Crying out, hearing sounds
But the feeling got lost away
In some forgotten song
They said, they said
To close my eyes and dream away
Dream away, but the pain
The pain didn't go away
It never goes away, it didn't go away
It never goes away
I'm lying in sound
Oh, and you, and dream
I'm breaking down
A thousand years, and all the tears
And feelings locked inside, locked inside
Tide of emotion
Blood, rain, and tears
Ruined all the years, ruined all the years
They told me that I was never here
Never here, never here, never here