The Mudbloods:A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love

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“A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love”
Artist: The Mudbloods
Albums: A War Amidst Pop Songs EP (2008)

I would spy
On you during playtime
You would fly
From the swing into the sky
Make a turn
Land with both feet on the ground
So I told you
How you do this
That's when I knew
This is my wish
For you

I wish you peace and love and happiness in everything you do
I pray that everywhere you go someone will be in love with you
And I know that if you'd stayed within these loving arms of mine
That every single one of these dreams would come true

You outgrew me
Had a baby
There's a prophecy
Says you may have birthed the one
Who'll defeat him
He who'll not be named
So I beg him
And ask Albus the same
Please protect her

[Chorus x2]

As I lay here
Blood rushing out of my head
Give my memories
To a boy with scar on head
Your son
Protected him since he knew
And as I'm dying
I look for one last time
Into his face
And into your eyes
And into your eyes
And into your eyes
And into your eyes

[Chorus x2]