Sublime:Under My Voodoo

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“Under My Voodoo”
Artist: Sublime
Albums: Sublime (1996)

Bein' your guy is a mon-ster hab-it.
You can hide your love, it's true.
It's the fe-tal game, you can see it ev-'ry day.
Let your free-dom hang free.
Come on down, I know how I'm gon-na make you come through.
Don't you know it aint no thing you de-plore, so don't take more than you need.

It's some-thing that I'll do later, now it's over now.

It's under my voo-doo
Under my voo-doo
It's under my voo-doo

Pray that I'll leave you high and dry.
Pray you can mag-ni-fy.
If you're fated blood is in my prayers, I damn well feel it, are a lie.
I'm tell-in' the truth.
It ain't no deal if you wan-na give in like I, one thing though.
Gon-na get it for my, get it for my, get mine 'fore it's gone.
And I'm gone, it's gone, got-ta get ya, got, got, got.....

It's under my voo-doo
Under my voo-doo
It's under my voo-doo

Fr-ee Lord, God, voo-doo.
Lo-rd hey, a voo-doo.
Lord, hey voo-doo.
What you wan-na, wan-na, wan-na, wan-na do?
Lord wan-na wan-na wan-na.
Got love I wan-na get some piece of voo-doo, ba, de, from me, in you, ba, da,
you-ou, ah, oo, ah, oo, ah, ee, ee, ah, ah, oo, ah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ooh.