Soul Position:Keep It Hot For Daddy

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“Keep It Hot For Daddy”
Artist: Soul Position

[Hook - Blueprint] - repeat 2x
Personality (Check)
Nice salary (Yup)
Nice bubble (No doubt)
Stay outta trouble (Uh-hu. )
Whatever you want, gotta keep you happy
Hold tight (hold tight) , keep it hot for daddy

(Uh-huh. Yeah. )
I like what you're working with it, I wanna put my hands on it
I promise not to touch it, if you don't want it
Let's make this interestin', I promise not to press it
I'm thinking long term, I'm making an investment
The way you keep me guessin', you findin' out what
You like testin', to see if I'm quick to give it up
You thinkin' bout me? I'm thinkin' bout us
I know I'm outta pocket, I'm thinkin' bout love
Yeah we just met, but that don't mean it ain't real
You can tell me what you want, but not how I feel
You want a good man, house on the hill
A man with vision, won't stick you with the bills
You know what I want. I want a good woman
I want a good lover. I want some good lovin'
Even on the humble, she still wouldn't wanna
Keep it hot for daddy, even if it ain't summer

[Hook] - repeat 2x

(Yeah. Uh-huh. )
Meet me at the bar, meet me at the corner store
Tell me time and place, I'm headed out the door
I wanna walk wit you, I wanna talk wit you
I ain't scared at all, I wanna fall for you
Let me get your number, let's arrange a date
I want it so bad, I just might playa hate
Tell these other dudes you got six kids
Tell lies about you, until they change gears
Psych, I'm just playin', but really I'm not
But can you really blame me, girl, you're keepin' it hot
I wanna hold your hand, whisper in your ear
I volunteer to hold you tight, when you're full of fear
We can fall asleep Friday night, starin' at the moon
And wake up Saturday morning, watching cartoons

[Hook] - repeat 2x