Sopor Aeternus:Über Den Fluss

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“Über Den Fluss”
Artist: Sopor Aeternus
Albums: Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell (Or: The Vampyre Sucking At His Own Vein) (2003)

He woke up, as his flesh fell off... slice by slice
Floating high up in the air, more than ten-thousand miles
He said, he was crucified underneath a baneful sky
Had nails through feet and hands
Yes, also nails in his eyes
In defiance of all living things he hang there... upside down
His poor, vicious face almost touching the ground
He knows well where he's been
Don't let him in!!!

He claimed twelve-thousand crucifixes transformed
Into distorted sombre trees
Blood ran down their scarred trunks
Gushed slowly dripping out of the leaves
The offering gathered in a chalice, all golden
Held by the dirty hands of a black-bearded man
His face sheer spitefulness
He knows well where he's been
So, don't let him, don't let him in...
Don't let him in!!!