Sabaton:Birds of War

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“Birds of war”
Artist: Sabaton
Albums: Metalizer (2007)

The priesthood is trembling.
The five knights of light has betrayed mankind,
now known as the dark ones.
We strike down on earth with powers from hell.

We ride on the wind, we ride through the sky
like unholy birds of war we fly.
We bring agony and insanity,
once blessed by the light now serving the night
and soon cursed by every man on earth.
We follow our lust, in no god we trust

Come join us
leave this world behind and you will find satisfaction.
Fight on our side, you cannot hide from us forever more.

Once greeted as heroes
now treated as foes wherever we go,
recruiting more warriors.
The hordes of undead march on our command,
now mankind will pay from this very day.
Every man on earth will curse his birth
we spread fear and pain, resistance in vain.
We march in the dark, your kind is our mark.
Avoid daylight, in dark we fight
We control your souls, you will end up as ghouls.