Renaissance:Kalynda (A Magical Isle)

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“Kalynda (A Magical Isle)”
Artist: Renaissance
Albums: Azure D'Or (1979)

Each day brings me closer home to you
The place I long to see
Horizons lost regained
Always stay the same
In my mind never change for me - Kalynda

I need to feel the warmth of open skies
To lay beneath the sun
And watch the love birds fly
Clouds can fill my eyes
But still I see you reach for me - Kalynda

I have held you close through all the times
You've stayed inside my soul
When I am half I think of you
And life becomes a whole
Lazy shores are more to me
Than shifting sand and sea
You're my all, my refuge, where I must be
To rest in peace awhile - I hold Kalynda

Gentle wind that plays upon my face
Caress the evening dream
And watch the twilight fade
Into waking scenes
This I'll always share with you - Kalynda