Necros Christos:II. Nazarethical Ram of Bethlehem

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“II. Nazarethical Ram of Bethlehem”
Artist: Necros Christos
Albums: Triune Impurity Rites (2007)
Lyricists: Mors Dalos Ra

Maskim xul
Liar in wait
Uggae commands
Your fate at the gate
Etemmu of ereskigal
Feasting on bones
And the souls of the dead
Anunaku commands the dead to raise
Out of the tomba
Skulldoom of sumer ... arise ... skulldoom
Praising nanna
Adoring ur
Lies in the deep slumper
Formulas opening secrets gates
Anu demands a sacrificial offering
Anunaku commands the dead rise
Out of the tomba
Skulldoom of dumer ... arise ... skulldoom of sumer