Mason Proper:100yrs.

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Artist: Mason Proper
Albums: Demos and B-Sides, There is a Moth in Your Chest

Why do we all grow old?
Why do we buy the seeds of elderly?
I want to break that mold
Fuck aging gracefully, I'm gonna be

kicking and screaming and always dreaming
about tomorrow's fun
and even after 100 years I'll never feel quite done

Why even write a will?
'Cause we will never die if we don't
resign to a life fulfilled.
Can't you at least find one space in yourself

that's not been filled, you can't be killed yet
because your book's not done
And even after 100 years you'll never feel quite done

Don't live a double life,
shoot many multiples above two

Oh, we found a greenhouse blown to smithereens
"What a scene," said a dark traveling companion
(Kicking, screaming, always dreaming)

That's when I noticed my shadow seemed to have gone missing again
and my best new friend was smiling
I could see every tooth in him
That's when I noticed the foolishness that I'd been harping upon
been going on and on and on
all along.