Kool G. Rap:Under 21 Not Permitted

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Under 21 Not Permitted
Artist: Kool G. Rap
Album: Rated XXX

[ VERSE 1: Kool G Rap ]
Time to get down to the next plan
Comin back is Kool G Rap with the x-rated sex plan
It ain't a toy and my balls ain't made from nerve
Fuckin G Rap is worse than givin birth
And I won't have no pity on ya, girlie
Bitch, you'll be thinkin that your period came down early
Cause I be breakin fuckin backs
On top of that leavin bitches with ice packs on they ass cracks
I ain't no muthafuckin minor
Fuckin with me is like playin Russian roulette with your vagina
I'll even fuck a pregnant bitch
I poke her muthafuckin baby in the head with my dick
You wanna give me head, I won't deprive ya
But it won't be no more room in your mouth for no saliva
Dick so hard it might surprise ya
In order to get it soft you need a meat tenderizer
It ain't a box spring thing no more
Shit, me and your ass'll be cavin through the floor
Shit, Mickey Rourke was weak
Cause my dick'll stay hard longer than _9 1/2 Weeks_
And if you're givin me the innocence, girlfriend
Forget about takin temperature that way ever again
I make a grown-ass woman start to moan when I hit it
But under 21 is not permitted

Under 21 is not permitted
But 35's the limit
(Hey yo, you gotta be of age)
Under 21 is not permitted

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
That's right, bitches, I wanna knock you
What can my cock do, rock you till the ( *cockcrow* )
Then straight back to the evening
All night long it's nothin but heavy breathin
Slam-bam, thank you ma'am
Forget Terry Lewis and come and let my Jimmy Jam
Now I got plenty rubbers in a stash
But I'm so happy to get the pussy that I'm fuckin you with GLAD Bags
Yeah bitch, like Richard Simmons I'ma stretch you
My best position is the muthafuckin bretzel
Givin golden showers of pain
I'm like Prince but yo, I wanna see you laughin at my Yellow Rain
But yo, you gotta be of age
Cause when I'm through hittin the clit I don't wanna sit inside a cage
Under 21 is not permitted, girl, it's simple
Cause some bitches make you feel like you're fuckin Shirley Temple
So back off, you little skeezer
Kool G Rap can't see ya because your beaver got a Ceasar
You can't get none if you're too young
Sorry hoe, you gotta go because you don't know how to come
I feel lust but just forget it
Yeah, under 21 is not permitted


[ VERSE 3: Kool G Rap ]
See, I don't wanna be nobody's cellmate
So you gotta wait cause I don't fuck around with jailbait
You're too young to give up ass, hoe
Hoe, you gotta come back when that pussy grows a afro
Then that's when my dick hardens
Fuck Great Adventures, I'm goin straight to Bush Gardens
And if that don't inflict pain
I'm leavin your house with shit stains on my dick veins
You know I dick em when I date em
Have em breakin cause I be makin love to bitches like I hate em
Then I'm shootin like a Luger
And I get scratches on my back like I was fuckin Freddy Krueger
I make a hooker very happy
I need a catcher's mitt the way bitches be throwin pussy at me
And if your ass is too old you gotta cruise
I only knock boots, not muthafuckin orthopedic shoes
Old bitches got me runnin
Caues I don't need a bitch peein all over me talkin about she's comin
So grandma, just quit it
Under 21 is not permitted but 35's the limit

Under 21 is not permitted
But 35's the limit

I'm one nigga you ain't vickin
I'm gettin rich but yo but bum bitch, I ain't trickin