Kool G. Rap:Keep it Swingin'

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Keep it Swingin'
Artist: Kool G. Rap
Album: Rated XXX

Yeah kid
Kool G Rap definitely in the house
My man DJ Polo's out here in the house
and we gon' kick the flavor to you one more time
(Like this) --> MC Ricky D

[ VERSE 1: Kool G Rap ]
Lyrics that I'm bringin keep you swingin like a monkey
Music is so dope, you'll be one funky junky
G Rap is the name, "Keep it Swingin'" is the title
( ? ) dance DJ Polo is your idol
Here's somethin you can bump inside your jeep and keep it thumpin
You're probably with a little crooked hooker I be humpin
I haven't been out lately but you suckers cannot play me
The K, the double o, the l, the G, the R, the a-p
From time to time I'm through with suckers, reppin when I'm steppin
I'm tellin you don't sleep because I always keep a weapon
I run up on your block packin a Glock automatic
Niggas act like they want it, then I'm lettin niggas have it
I'm ( ? ) misses but I never kissed a mister
I reminisce I miss playin the twister with your sister
See, Polo keeps you hoppin, I just keep your fingers poppin
The daddy does the shoppin and your mommy does the moppin
I rag and tag and drag and bag a hooker in a minute
You offer me the bully, better believe I'm goin up in it
I put a hooker lips right on my tip so she could sip it
Then takin off the gear, then I just tear it and I rip it
She's not givin me head, within the bed is where I take her
So humpin as I'm pumpin and I'm shootin like a Laker
I'm bangin, all my fingers touch your button, got you singin
Showin I let off to leave em hangin, keep it swingin

Keep it swingin like a monkey
(Swing it like this, swing it like that) --> Dres
Keep it swingin
(Swing it like this, swing it like that)
Keep it swingin
Keep it swingin like a monkey
(Swing it like this, swing it like that)
Keep it swingin
(That) (that) (that) (that)
Music is so dope, you'll be one funky junky

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
I know a girl, Abbey and Abbey is a hippie
She likes to sit the teepee so I call her Mississippi
I thought that I should keep her but she's a half-stepper
So Abbey met a boy named Peter Piper pick a pepper
Now Peter was a pussy and he made her be hyper
See, Peter picked peppers but he would never pipe her
So one day Abbey went to Peter, told him stop pickin
She opened up her butty and Peter put his tip in
Peter started pumpin with a powerful aggression
Peter pushed to pull and Abbey finished the session
Peter said, "Ah Abbey, how I'm doin?" she said, "Sloppy
The way you pump your Peter you will never be a poppy
Peter got pissed off and said, "Least my hair ain't nappy"
Abbey said, "Now that ( ? ) Peter, are you happy?
He took a sip of ripple so he could really rip her
Pulled down his zipper, pulled out his big dipper
Peter put in his pecker and started to pump
He made Abbey so happy she started to jump
A month later stretch marks begin to welp up
Peter called Dr. Pepper to come over and help her
Abbey caught an appetite, Peter fed her supper
To keep her awake he had to get ( ? )
Dr. Pepper came and he told Peter, "Maybe
You and Abbey's gonna have a baby"
Swing it


[ VERSE 3: Kool G Rap ]
I rip up, blow you rappers like little pieces of paper
I book and then I look at all you hookers get the vapors
So press up on me, hoe, cause I'm a pro, not a beginner
No frontin on a stunt, I go up in her like a winner
You know I'm with whatever, if you suckers got some static
We can solve it with revolvers or we bring some automatics
I never riff, I smoke em like a spliff when I get with em
So shorty, let's get naughty and just kick that different rhythm
(Swing it like this, swing it like that) Keep it swingin
I drop you like a brick, you go and kick it to your mother
Cause like Paul Simon said, there's 50 ways to leave your lover
So if you think you're gettin to my bank I find another
If I can't make a hit I take the shit out on your brother
I'm always strapped because I put a cap up in a nigga
And some niggas are bigger so I'm quick to pull a trigger
Bang-bang-bang and now your eardrums I'm ringin
Next time you wanna step to me you better keep it swingin