Kate Bush:Big Stripey Lie

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“Big Stripey Lie”
Artist: Kate Bush
Albums: The Red Shoes (1993)
Composers: Kate Bush
Lyricists: Kate Bush

Oh big stripey lie
Moving like a wavy line
Coming up behind
Yeah yeah moving

All young gentle dreams
Drowning in life's grief
Can you hang onto me?

Don't want to hurt you baby
I only want to help you
I could be good for you

Your name is being called by sacred things
That are not addressed nor listened to
Sometimes they blow trumpets

Only want to help you
Never want to hurt you
I know I could be good for you

Oh my God it's a jungle in here
You've got wild animals loose in here

Want to help you
Never hurt you
Good for you

Hey all you little waves run away
Mmm run away