Kate Bush:An Architect's Dream

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“An Architect's Dream”
Artist: Kate Bush
Albums: Aerial (2005)
Composers: Kate Bush
Lyricists: Kate Bush

Yes I need to get that tone
A little bit lighter there
Maybe with some dark accents coming in from this side
That's good

Watching the painter painting
And all the time the light is changing
And he keeps painting
That bit there
It was an accident
But he's so pleased
And it's the best mistake
He could make
And it's my favourite piece
It's just great

The flick of a wrist
Twisting down to the hips
So the lovers begin
With a kiss
In a tryst
Just a smudge
But what it becomes
In his hands
Curving and sweeping
Rising and reaching
I could feel what he was feeling
(Watching the painter painting)
Lines like these
Have got to be
An architect's dream

It's always the same
Whenever he works on a pavement
(Watching the painter painting)
It starts to rain
And all the time
The light is changing