Isis:20 Minutes / 40 Years

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“20 Minutes / 40 Years”
Artist: Isis
Albums: Wavering Radiant (2009)
Lyricists: Aaron Turner

Tendrils extend from the cloudy black mass
They slither and slide through the ones and zeroes
Prophecy of collapse unfolds
Last grains of sand spiral down the hole

Chance has graced me with a gift
Grasp at gold before the dark descends
Sun beats down and panic reigns
In this time of endings

Eyes shut, feet bare
For this journey, I'm unprepared
I walk on
Sight renewed
Seek new life
I seek new life

Walk on

Seeking her the one
I wish to see
She wanders the outer lands
From the grasp of wolves I will pluck her
Twin arteries flow with the pulse of one mighty heart