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Artist: Interpol
Albums: Antics ()

Touch your thighs, I'm the lonely one
Remember that last sweat cuz that was the right one
All you mysteries are moving in the sun
I show some love and respect
Wanna get some love and respect

But baby you can see that the gazing eye won't lie
Don't give up your lover tonight
Cuz it's just you me and this wire, alright
Let's tend to the engine tonightlookout

She found the lonely sound
She keeps on waiting for time out there
Love, can you love me, babe?
Love is this loving, babe?
Is time turning around?

Feast your eyes, I'm the only one
Control me, console me cuz that's just how it should be done
Your history's like fire from a busted gun
And I show some love and respect
Don't wanna get a life of regret

We steps into the bedroom
Babe, you know me and this is all right
Holdings we'll make soon will sustain us through the night
Inside my bedroom
Baby, touch me tonight
Poses we'll make soon will reveal our sense of right

You should be in my space
You should be in my life
You could be in my space