Inme:Raindrops on Stones

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“Raindrops on Stones”
Artist: Inme
Albums: Daydream Anonymous (2007)

I've been meaning to tell you for quite some time
(What is it you wanted to tell me?)
Things may get a little bit different
(I'm not afraid of change)
And it's the feeling that we all wish we could keep inside
(Little does she know all about)
A green raindrop inside of a stimulant
(Green raindrops inside those stones)

It can't work, it won't work
The works too much to work and it can't hurt to be inverted
It'd be a welcome change from the last few years
The instinct to help them, to be free, so free
And hold them as my own
I wish that I could show you
Just how welcome I feel inside this shadow

And I've been meaning to tell you
For quite some time how I feel a part of you
And I know it's a little late to tell you
Little raindrops on your stones
Feel the wind and the rain
I've lost it all to find it all again

So close yet so far, my star will fall
It's downfall, it's so small
Up on the shore in the presence of the foolish
Silence sweet springs and rivers
You've gotta keep your chin up at all times
It slows down and we look at what really matters
What really matters now

I want to help you but first I must save myself
As the raindrops hit the stones we all illuminate