Inme:2nd Jonquil

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“2nd Jonquil”
Artist: Inme
Albums: Daydream Anonymous (2007)

3rd Jonquil, lucky
Empty pill, torn-out page
This connection is the friction we awaited

Electric, broken ghost, she feels sick
Frozen feet, little slumber's heartbeat
Lifeless old street

This criminal's motives, subliminal notice
How was I supposed to know?
And when I go to sleep the heart monitor
Never beeps when I'm in your trance
I'd rather dance with you in my bed of blunt thistles

Hypnosis t-shirt
He knows this might hurt
The crumpled poems
Does she know him like she used to?
For you he fights the cruel heroes
You've seen the worst in me
Is this all I have to say?
To say...

The Devil's at my doorstep but I won't let him in yet
I've got you to raise my chin
And if it's all a dream and you're not
Quite what you seem, well, I'll sleep in vain
This dream illuminates what you really mean to me

It's time for me to leave
The tears upon my sleeve
You were the one girl
I believed, I believed, I believed