Edguy:Nailed To The Wheel

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“Nailed To The Wheel”
Artist: Edguy
Albums: Hall Of Flames (2004)

Good intentions pave
The way of the human child
Heading for the fork
As you walk the path of life
A spell cast from the hiding woods
Don't you close your eyes
The snake is waiting anytime
To penetrate your mind
Don't you hear voices whispering
Incline to walk down

Don't you see the shadow on the wall
Angel eyes... the one cast out to fall
Calling me to look up
To the sky we follow
But we never know oh why

A vision revealing a child down
Where I've sure never been
An angel who's touching the flame
Oh the angel is me

Nailed, nailed to the wheel
Nailed, let the cut run deep
Nailed, nailed to the wheel
Nailed, I said go - let bleed!
Go, - let bleed!

Feel it crawl, feel the magic
Coming over like a daze
Welcome as the poison
For the cornered snake
Taste of sin, bitter sweet
Never, never let us go
But never, never, never
Is a price we'd pay to grow

They call it original sin
Some call it divine
The moment the evil appeared...
The chance to decide

From children in cradles
To hangmen who smile
Lick up the blood
From the blade of your knife
Walk the stairway, leading down
Ride on fire, take the crown

Your mind could be strong
But your flesh will be mine
He's offering those kingdoms
They all could be thine
Rising powers, tempting gold
But at what price would it be sold?
It's all up to you...