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Artist: Cat Power
Albums: You Are Free (2003)

His name was Perry
He had a learning difficulty
His father was a very mean man
His father burned his skin
His father sent him to his death
He was 10 years old

Her name was Naomi
Beautiful round face, so ashamed
Told me how to please a man
After school in the back of the bus
She was doing it every day
She was 11 years old

Her name was Cheryl
Black hair like electric space
She would pretty paint my face
She was a very good friend
Her father would come to her in the night
She was 12 years old

His name was Donavin
He was a very good friend
The cards were stacked agaisnt him
He was selling cocaine
The last time I saw him
He was 13 years old

His name was Charles
He said he was in love with me
We were both 14
Then I had to move away
Than he began to smoke crack
Then he had to sell ass
I dont know where he is
I dont know where they are