Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew:Flintlock Glock

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open the sails cause it's time to dip
when we shoot at your fuckers we never slip
we comin round the block outlinin you in chalk,
i love musket balls and my flint lock glock

the wheel lock, snap hance, their all the same
but this flint lock glock'll set your party aflame
it's got the longest range so that i can claim
your loot, and to boot, i'll put your barrel to shame
i like to cause a fuss with my blunderbuss
if ya stare at me yer gonna get the 3rd degree
i dont fear that rusty rifle that yer pointin at me
my condition comes from the lack of vitaman c
cause i be the mutherfuckin captain d
im doin all the deeds causin ships to flee
i got the illest behaviour, i got the sickest flavor
this jolly roger sailin means that i aint no saviour
got a hook for a hand, then you can understand
we were playin the game before the game was planned
if yer from the land or under my command,
fear me or be buried under the sand


Sea Dawg:
In marksmanship I'm number one
all the people on the coast fear my flintlock gun
my musket balls sit, wait, desire release
so I shoot 'em out the barrel of my gold studded piece
leaving lines of deceased
my profits increased
it's a weapon feared in the north south west and east
it'll send ya to the crypt bones and body stripped
if I run out of ammo you'll be pistol whipped
my aim is always dead on straight
if I feel like it I can decapitate
violate assassinate or detonate
you will not live if I demonstrate
if ya see this piece
ya better run
it ranks with the greatest killers under the sun
the big 3 in case ye fergot
are the plague, scurvy, and my flintlock glock


MC treasure:
My enemies they become shark bait
take their freight, all their pieces of eight
if you see me its already checkmate
noone compares to the chaos i create
be it galleon or be it frigate
i cruise the sea sail the strait
I'm irate with a style you cant duplicate
a top pirate candidate not afraid to amputate
great raids I orchestrate
until I saturate my treasure chest
you know that i'm the best
got gold? that peaks my interest
from portugal to the key west
my presence is the source of much unrest
and i'm on a quest to invest my musket ball
directly into yo chest.



i was sipping on rum down in old havannah relaxing , just kicking it under the cavannah when this old man walks up scurvy as can be taps me on the shoulder and he points to the sea pardon me sir are you the captain dan im a sailor no more no now i live on the land but this map i have points to pareiless pleasure the long lost chest containg black beards treasure ur the worst liar amongst the scurvy naves that treasure has been swalowed by the ocean waves a storm took that booky in its under tow ahh captain d that is surley not so well then i say what is your fee or should i just kill you and take it for free