Anemonia:The Quest

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“The Quest”
Artist: Anemonia
Albums: Moonlit Numina (2009)

Just a walk, the one, one last hope stands
Forgetting all the rules, refusing to conform
I’m a prey in the grey
Oh why should I obey?
You’re lost, in the deep disarray
One last try to one day scream victory… VICTORY!

One more lost soul
Now left with no colors
A dead flower
Who never saw summer

Where art thou hidden colors?
Thou mystic shades of life
Can a dream still breathe
after dying so many times?

Nothing left to give
All yet to be born
Dying rules from Earth
For the rise of my dreams

Seeking the Moonlight
Teachings from the sea
Listen to thy heart
And claim thy glory, and sing this song

One fantastic Quest for a new paradise

One day, no more I could give
To this world, like an empty bottle
Tearing my heart for this song
Is just not a routine

One day, no more I could feel
For this world, when the last hope shall die
The final countdown has begun
But how long will it last?

For the love and for the passion beyond the skin
For the burning desire to unveil the mystery

From all the pain left with only a stain
Could only be cleaned by the truest lover’s kiss

- chorus-

One last dream to share
One more soul to harvest
One more try to
One day scream victory

Breathing honesty
Bring me close to thee
Dying rules from Earth

For the rise of my dreams