Amanda Marshall:Right Here All Along

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“Right Here All Along”
Artist: Amanda Marshall
Albums: Tuesday's Child (1999)

Shadow boxing in my head again
Lying here beside you in the dark
Making mountains out of nothing
Hoping against hope
And making deals with God
Then I feel you stir beside me
And you don't say a word, but still I know

In your eyes I see the reason
In your smile I see the road that takes me home
In my heart I know the answer
That all the things I looked so hard to find
Were right here all along, right here all along

Sometimes life can make you tired
You get so used to being on your own
Looking for something to count on
(Something to count on, baby)
Wishing for a love that's carved in stone
But I can hear you through my worry
Your voice is telling me "let go"


When I needed someone to count
You were right here all along
When I needed someone to lean on
You were right here all along
And when I needed a hand to hold
You were right here all along
And when I thought I had nobody, baby
You were right here all along