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For uh... being stupid
For uh... being stupid

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Streets Are Our World
Artist: Zearle
Albums: Class War

[Intro: Zearle]
History is my world, if I started murdering people, there would be none left
If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and throw me in solitary confinement for nothing
What do you think's going to happen when I get out of here?

[Verse 1: Zearle]
I'm picking up these broken pieces
We're just monkeys throwing faeces
Steady playing on your knees and weakness
???We at ? ? ? dark? pieces???
Like John Brown, ain't no way I let the shit go down
Fuck the rich, religion and those who wear the crown
More adjectives than nouns
Up but tightly wound, frozen frowns
I can taste this hate
We can erase the rate
Waiting for no savior, with robe or camp
We don't believe in fate
Any future you got, you create
Way too wrapped up in religion to concentrate
Eyes bigger than belly and you got a full plate
Way too underground to be touched and these labels can't relate

[Verse 2: Mic Danja]
In this Class Struggle, ain't worth a damn
If I'm black and I'm poor, am I considered a man? (Maybe)
It's like war and baby,
for me to get the information, I have to be Dick Tracy
???Zearle??? lace me, don't have socialist opinions
For that I realized he was right, West Coast tripping
No bullshit, whether it was written or shown on T.V.
If they can see that poverty is worth repeating
? It's important, the institutions
What would they do if our criminals stopped shooting
Go bankrupt, you pay money so people pay ?
We still get credits and ? who think they made up
Trip to Vegas, or when we see them dock our pay cut,
the working classmates, ? happen for a trip to Vegas

[Interlude: Zearle]
History is my world, remorse for what? You people have done everything in the world to me
Doesn't that give me equal rights?
If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and throw me in solitary confinement for nothing
What do you think's going to happen when I get out of here?

[Verse 3: Zearle]
All the rich are steady creeping
It's time to organize, are you ready for this meeting?
Against injustice, we fight in the streets and
We're burning up because we're ? the heat in
Shoulder to shoulder comrades,
We march 'till ?
To the masses, fuck fashion,
my folks are my passion
In my mind, revolution's flashing
We're serious, ?
Unity, we wish
? they scatter like a broken dish
Money matters, 'till death plants a kiss
Like gypsies, we grift, drift and rift
Too many atrocities to list
Go to jail and slit your wrists
It's my philosophies like Christ
You'll never catch me,
my hearts like an Apache
We punch through the social ?
Our emotions are painted blue
We have no clue
Childish ways that we outgrew
Our wildest days that we barely lived through
This world's a joke
Can't you see this yolk is choking me?
Capitalism, ? ? The Force ?
The rich say fuck the trees
???Players like a tees???
They then stole the honey, better fuck the bees
In the shade it's ninety-six degrees
I'll bust up ??? to get mine
To kill this giant, up the beanstalk we must climb
Fuck petty tyrants, a hundred million ain't afraid of dieing
For freedom we're ?
For freedom, need 'em. Money, jewellery, styling

[Verse 4: Mic Danja]
I know we hit hard
Explicit, you're so plain
Fuck the Government, the police, the ???soul??? racists
You want the basics
You want the average
Don't want the ???
They said we have shit
It's drastic
The devils out to get
Just give me your toys
and I'm a wish everybody's happy shit
I grew up a bastard with no father figure
My mom ???
Until her cancer killed her
Now, I'm a nigger
Responsible for what I do
I got my nephew, my brother
???class hit 'em too???
I got responsibilities; it's on my shoulder
It's not how much money you have; it's who's the holder

[Outro: Zearle]
Maybe I haven't done enough?
I might be ashamed of that, for not doing enough
For not giving enough
For not being more perceptive
For not being aware enough
For not understanding
For uh... being stupid