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Close your eyes, hits like a punch or a kiss
Close your eyes, hits like a punch or a kiss

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Artist: Zearle
Albums: Class War

It's the fall of Rome and buildings speed like a rolling stone
and soon the blind will see it's nothing like the past, world stock markets crash,
gold is worthless, two dollars for wiping ass
Wars to no avail, the Bush ? Faces go pale
Pensions plans go bad,
brokers are killing themselves, investors are going mad
China and Japan cash in their cash
It's all bad, Russia's going back Red
Gives Cuba ten billion right before Fidel is dead
One by one, looks like South America's going red
The US can't stop and see we fed them corruption not democracy,
we gave them golden needs and not freedom and peace
It's time to destroy class
no more divisions among the mass
The systems will come crashing down
Making smiles out of the last frown
Bringing freedom to every last town
We blast clowns, it's capitalism we chant down
On our civil liberties they clamp down
No more bombing of my brothers and sisters
White, Red, Yellow, Black or Brown
Damn I'm pissed, I'm a march this to the velvet fist
I was born with this gist
Telling the truth is always a risk
Close your eyes, hits like a punch or a kiss