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Information The accuracy of the lyrics on this page is questionable and may require verification.
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Artist: Yellow Second

Velocity is an unofficially-released track recorded by the band Yellow Second. It was made available for download via the band's official website before the domain lapsed some time in 2007. It was referred to as a "b-side" and was never featured on an official album. Other such tracks include Everything Is Changing, Waiting for No One and Return Receipt Requested.

Break before the dawn
I've taken off
And better for it
Wait, your gravity
Is lessening
Now I'm in orbit

Through the air, from here I'll find the sea
[??? / "let her know"?] [that I have cut it free]
Feeling my velocity

Now, another thought
An astronaut
A new beginning
We'll just wait and see
You know I'll be here when you're winning

There is more to me than meets the eye
I want you to see, so I will try
[Just deny] my velocity

Through the air, from here I find the sea
[??? / "let her know"?]* [that I have cut it free]*
Feeling my velocity

There is more to me than meets the eye
I want you to see, so I will try
[Just deny]* my velocity


  • [Line 7]: Uncertain if this is accurate, but probably is. There is a chance the phrase "find the sea" may actually be "finally see"; However, Yellow Second has made past references to water and the ocean in their lyrics.
  • [Line 8]: First sentence is unintelligible. Second sentence is likely to be what is transcribed.
  • [Line 17]: Again, likely accurate, but may not be.