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Welcome to Lyriki,
the Lyrics Wiki that anyone can edit.
more than 25,000 song pages in Lyriki
Lyriki does not promote music piracy, whatsoever.
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What's New at Lyriki?

Lyriki is actively searching for a programmer who could code a plugin to integrate Lyriki into some of the more popular media players for Windows. An example of the feature-set we're looking for in plugins can be found by examining the Lyriki plugin for Amarok.

There is a hackish method for those determined to use Lyriki as a plugin using Windows media players. It's not pretty nor easy, but it does work.

Not new, but, definitely in need of exposure. #Lyriki on could definitely use some more company.

What can I do at Lyriki?

New here?

Feel like helping out?

How do I do those things?

Contributing lyrics should be done by listening to the song and transcribing the words as best you can. Don't worry if you make mistakes; someone else will offer corrections, and eventually the community should be able to come to a consensus as to what the proper lyrics are.

To contribute artist or album information, you should either transcribe the information from your own CDs or gather the information from various web sites, such as Wikipedia, All Music Guide, MusicBrainz, or even

Before contributing, please look at our help section or our pages on adding new songs, albums and artists. These pages contain templates that should be used when entering lyrics or other information. This gives our pages a common look and feel, ensures the layout for lyrics is correct and makes sure all the information shows up properly in the indexes.

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