The Pietasters:Soul Sammich

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“Soul Sammich”
Artist: The Pietasters
Albums: Comply (1996)
Composers: DJ Selah/The Pietasters

You're funky, some kind of funky
Feel it, can you feel it?
Screamin' comin' at ya
Screamin' comin' at ya
Screamin' comin' at ya

Feeling kind of funky, know what I'm saying
I'm gonna rock you kid, just rock you, know what I'm saying
Check it out a big old girl across the street
Screamin' comin' at ya
Screamin' comin' at ya

Good god, know what I'm saying, that's what I'm talking about
Gotta give me a sammich, a soul sammich, know what I'm saying
Some catfish, some lake trout, maybe a bean pie
Soul sammich, so good

Screamin' comin' at ya
Screamin' comin' at ya, know what I'm saying
That's what I'm talking about
I feel it, can you feel it too?
I'm with you, I took a shower

I'm feeling funky, and my sister told me about that
She said baby go on and she said how 'bout a sammich
I said in commin' at ya
It's in commin' at you

This is good, long time to lay down a track
Now look across the street, that's some funky feet
Screamin' comin' at you, can you feel it, know what
I'm saying soul sammich
I'm with you, soul sammich