The Mothers of Invention:How Could I Be Such a Fool?

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“How Could I Be Such a Fool?”
Artist: The Mothers of Invention
Albums: Freak Out! (1966)

When I won your love
I was very glad
Every happiness in the world
Belonged to me
Then our love was lost
And you went away
Now I shed my tears
In lonely misery

I know now that you never ever
Really loved me
It hurts me now to think you never ever
Really cared
I sit and ask myself a thousand times
To try and find
What really happened
To the love
That we shared

How could I be such a fool
How could I believe
All those lies you told me
How could I be taken in
By your sweet face
You spoiled our love
You ruined my life
I'm so tore down
I'm a terrible disgrace

But there will come a time
And you'll regret the way
You treated me
As if I was a fool
And didn't know
The many times you lied
About your love for me
Someone else is gonna know
That your love was just a show

How could I be such a fool?