The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:Our Only Weapon

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“Our Only Weapon”
Artist: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Albums: Don't Know How To Party (1993)
Composers: Barrett/Gittleman
Lyricists: Dicky Barrett

Read the papers, things look grim
Watch the news, the outlook’s dim
It’s clear to see that there is something wrong
Could be that we don’t change a lot
But we should give it our best shot
Our only weapon is a song

Maybe we’re being too naive
But this is something we believe
What’s beyond belief is just how much is wrong
Nothing is gained when people fight
Maybe our heads aren’t screwed on tight
Our only weapon is a song

We’re not building bombs or storing ammunition
We’re just playing songs hoping people will listen
Others try hate but hate won’t move anything
We’re trying love and unity too
We’re not packing pistols, we’re not waging war
Most of our missiles have only four chords
It’s not a great plan but we like the agenda
The arsenal’s music and the army’s our friend

Could be our idea isn’t great
Maybe our heads aren’t screwed on straight
We may be wrong and maybe nothing’s wrong
And we might never win the war
But we’ll have fun and that’s for sure
Our only weapon is a song