The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:Bad In Plaid

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“Bad In Plaid”
Artist: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Albums: More Noise And Other Disturbances (1992)
Composers: Albert/Brockenborough

Oh, polka-dots just don’t go, pointy shoes hurt my toes
Paisley makes me nauseous when I’m down with plaid, be cautious
Fucked up stripes, just don’t feel right when I’m chillin with Joe late at night
Money, cars, more money, no! Won’t make me leave my plaid at home

’Cause I’m bad in plaid
You know I’m bad in plaid
Well I’m...

Time spent in hawaiian shirts, some mistakes were even worse
Like acid washed, or skinny ties wrap around sunglasses on my eyes
Now plaid is the color of my soul so I wear it, from head to toe
Breakin’ microphones for the crowd, I’m bad in plaid
I’m plaid I’m proud

Bad in plaid
I’m so bad in plaid
Well I’m...

The plaid means more than the color of our clothes
It means everyone is welcome to the mighty mighty shows
Feel free to represent on the Bosstones’ stage
We don’t care about your race, color or about your age
You just gotta wanna want it and ya gotta wanna move it
It’s a plaid plaid world and we’re trying to prove it everywhere we go
As long as you’re united with the plaid boys from Boston then you’re all invited
Said, everywhere you go let’s all get united with the plaid boys from Boston
And you’re all invited!

Bad in plaid
Bad in plaid
Bad in... plaid!