The Crossing:Refugee

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Artist: The Crossing
Albums: Dochás (Hope) (1996)

A letter yellowed by the years
Slips from her weathered hand
To the weary trail of tears
We walk today
She stops to rest and gathers up
The faded memories
Of family and friends
She'll no more see

Tracing words that speak with fire
Of passion and of joy
With dusty fingers creased
By wind and toil
She gently presses to her lips
This chapter of her life
As she walks the last time
On her homeland's soil

We walk along together
Towards a barren place
Past streams and bodies
Fields and empty towns
Our prayers wing slow and silent
Into the cloudless air
Her tired plea
Is for peace again

At times we cannot understand
The heart of tyranny
That ravages our homes
And fragile dreams
The cry for mercy whispers
From a land of refugees
And from the woman who is
Walking next to me

We reach the distant borderland
On a dark and dreamless night
She goes her unknown way
As I go mine
I hope she'll find that peace
Beyond the reaches of our minds
While she hopes that I won't
Forget this time