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Teodoro & Sampaio's Brazilian folk band with a repertoire of varied subjects, ranging from the romanticism of "Vestido de Seda", through "Anna Julia" (the rock group Los Hermanos) plus songs that depict humorous situations of men and boys Brazil.

Double that has rocked the structures of country music, always innovating and adapting to all publics. Teodoro e Sampaio which began in 1980 and today are considered one of the biggest phenomena in sales of CDs and DVDs.

Playing since 1980, have 20 gold records and 4 platinum albums, including one double, Teodoro Sampaio, and the folk band, what more do people take their foot off the ground, are unmoved by time and knew how to adapt their changes hinterland to the new world, which may be considered good and beloved icons of country music. Who ever heard one of the many successes of Teodoro Sampaio and that spread to Brazil? The pair will adapt to any type of audience, whether young, adult, child or elderly person, the success took over the radio and TV stations in Brazil. Work in style and Teodoro Sampaio over the years is personalized with a unique identity, which blends romanticism with double meaning jokes, never missing the dance rhythms and lively.

In 2008 account for over two great albums titled: Who will rule the world is the woman and Friends of Teodoro Sampaio and two new works that are considered great successes in Brazil and the international admirers of good country music. Now in 2009 launched another successful album titled Pitoco, especially the title track from the album




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