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Here's the deal. The way Wiki sorts things is using ASCII character codes, NOT alphabetically. This means that ALL the uppercase characters come before all the lowercase characters. This is really really stupid, but that's what it does.

That being said, if you put the sort name as KRS-One, KR will sort before Ka. That's not right. So, I make the sort name as Krs One, so that it files beneath Korn and before Krusty.

As for the Hyphen, I take it out of the sort name out of reflex. Again, since it's sorting by ASCII code, - comes after spaces, but before numbers. In this case, it really doesn't matter, because I can't think of a single other artist that starts with krs, so there probably won't ever be a problem. However, if you look at two song names Pac-A-Mac by Madness and some made up song, say, Pac Is Back, and left the hyphens, Pac Is Back would sort before Pac-A-Mac, when really, it should be after (A comes before Is).

There's similar problems with foreign characters like é. These get sorted to the very very end, when they should probably be sorted in with the other es.

Does that make sense?

Sorting is tough. Does R.E.M. belong at the top, as R E M or in the re's, as Rem? Is Steve Miller Band filed under Steve or Miller? Anyway, I wrote up a pretty severe treatise on sorting with way more detail than is probably necessary, but there you go. :) --risser 07:39, 23 March 2006 (PST)