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===Albums under Seo Taiji & Boys===
===Albums under Seo Taiji & Boys===
==== {{album link|1992|Seo Tai Ji & Boys Vol. 1 - I Know!}} ====
==== {{album link|1992|Seo Taiji and Boys 1}} ====
# [[Seo Taiji:Yo! Taiji|Yo! Taiji]]
# [[Seo Taiji:Yo! Taiji|Yo! Taiji]]

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Seo Tai-ji (also spelled Seo Tae-ji, born Jeong Hyeon-cheol 정현철 on February 21, 1972) is a South Korean singer and musician.

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Albums under Seo Taiji & Boys

1992 Seo Taiji and Boys 1


  1. Yo! Taiji
  2. Nan Arayo! (난 알아요 I Know!)
  3. Hwansangsoke Kude (환상속의 그대 You, in the illusion / You, in the Fantasy)
  4. Nowa hamkehan sigan sogeso (너와 함께한 시간 속에서 In The Time Spent With You)
  5. 'E' Bami Kippo Kajiman (이밤이 깊어 가지만 Through Tonight Growing Late)


  1. Nae Modungut (내 모든것 My Everything)
  2. Eejehnun (이제는 Now)
  3. Blind Love - "Nan Arayo! English Version"
  4. Rock'n Roll Dance
  5. Missing