Scaterd Few:Tomorrow

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Artist: Scaterd Few
Albums: Omega No. 5
Grandmother's Spaceship
Composers: Allan Aguirre
Lyricists: Allan Aguirre

So now I'm with the firstborn of the dead
We share space and time for all eternity
I fought the good fight
Now I’m Translated light
Limitless, incredibly free

The hidden things of darkness up ahead
With the counsels of the hearts will be made manifest
Exposed by the light
Giving Human Kind the Right
For praise by him who made the galaxies

(Join us Tomorrow)

I've been through the door that stands in heaven
And the one who sits there smiled down at me
With His Seven Spirits a light
And the elders robed in white
While flashes of lightning shone on me

I also saw the sea of crystal glass today
With the four living creatures singing beautifully
They sang with such might
And continued through the night
Thanking him who made the galaxies

(Join us Tomorrow)