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Artist: S Club 8
Albums: Sundown (2003)

Feel the rush burning up burning up
I can't get enough

Calvin - Today you came
I saw your face and I knew right away

My world filled with fire
Energy desire

Calvin - It's chemical, logicial
But not the games you play

I just got to have you
Couldn't live without you

Bridge - Cos it's so good
It happens everytime your near
You know if I could
I'd never let you fade

CHOURS - I can feel the rush
Now I know it must be love
Inside my heart is burning up
It's melting away
I can feel the burst
The adrenaline is rising up
Inside my heart can't get enough
It won't go away

Feel the rush
Burning up, burning up oh yeah
I can't get enough

AARON - Today you came
You called my name
And I went up in flames

My heart's beating faster
On a rollcoaster

JAY - It's so magical
No I just can't explain

It's everytime we're closer
Love must be the answer

BRIDGE - Cos it's so good
It happens everytime your near
You know if I could
I'd have you for always


STACEY - My heart can't get enough x2