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| lyricist = [[Roy Harper]]
| lyricist = [[Roy Harper]]
<lyrics>I gave my love, a daisy
<lyrics>I gave my love, a daisy

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“All You Need Is What You Have”
Artist: Roy Harper
Albums: Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith (1967)
Composers: Roy Harper
Lyricists: Roy Harper
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I gave my love, a daisy
A third eye in my mind
We turned the crazy day around
To see what we could find

And ran on to a journey
Reflecting us so deep and wide
That we could see the other side
Of knowing nothing matters
In the everything surrounding us
Surrounding everything itself

I saw my love gaze into
A swelling sea of life
She turned onto my shoulder
And terribly she cried

Until her eyes were closing
And asked me if she really was
A woman like the rest because
The rest she saw as empty vessels
Looking ripe and dressed to kill
But really very far away from

She sobbed and put her head down
And walked into the night
Saying that she was as wrong as they
And that the rest were right

That they were proper women
Existing in a stupid mess of
Vegetable thoughtlessness
Made up as if to please the men
But making life a drag for them
Rejecting all communication

I put my arm around her
And told her from my heart
That she was of a new world
Of which they weren't a part

And told her not to bother
For she was free
As free as me to
Do the things she wanted to
With more respectability
Than all the shallow painted faces
Twittering into emptiness

Pretty woman walking down the street
How can you expect to be loved
With so much selfish arrogance

Pretty woman your nose in the air
How can you expect me to love you
Knowing so much about you

Why do you always have to receive love first?
Why are you unable to give some without being asked?

All you need is
All you need
Is all
Need is all
You need