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“Bottom Feeders”
Artist: [[Ra the Rugged Man
feat. Smut Peddlers|Ra the Rugged Man
feat. Smut Peddlers]][[Category:Songs by Ra the Rugged Man
feat. Smut Peddlers]]
Albums: American Low Life (Bootleg) (2004)

*Let my orange dick spit*
I got a dog named Kubrick
It's obvious I like his flicks
Filming 'em with human chicks. If that's a sin
Let him poke this white bitch Kim for coke
Outside of a bar until I switched in
Breaking her in like new Tims in a robbery
Take a culture of my spit's culture and spawn a colony
Smell like teen spirit? Grab a shotgun and feed us
My L. P. street they shaking up Columbine High cheerleaders
Dipping in two seaters, that ain't mine
So many sick ass letter combinations I? peg rhymes?
Blew my E. C. advance on a P. C. and grams
D. C. and P. S. 2 games, grow lights and plants
Crops done by the time the cops come
Car jacked this pregnant Indian for a Datsun
Blaze a building, to catch a rap magazine
You wanna talk shit and not get fucked up?
That's a faggots dream!

Hook: X2
Scratched in