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“Von Den Elben”
Artist: Qntal
Albums: Qntal V: Silver Swan (2006)

Vón den elben wirt entsén vil manic man
Só bin ich von grózer liebe entsén
Von der besten die ie man ze friunt gewan
Wil si aber mich darumbe vên
Mir zunstaten stên, mac sied an rechen sich
Tuo des ich si bite: si fröut sô sêre mich
Daz min lip vor wunne muoz zergên

Mich enzündet ir vil liehter ougen schin
Same daz fiur den dürren zunder tuot
Und ir fremden krenket mir daz herze min
Same daz wazzer die vil heize gluot:
Unde ir hôher muot, ir schône, ir werdecheit
Und daz wunder daz man von ir tugenden seit
Deist mir übel und ouch lîhte guot

Swenne ir liehten ougen sô verkêren sich
Daz si mir aldurch mîn herze sên
Swêr da enzwischen danne stêt und irret mich
Dém müeze al sîn wunne gar zergên!
Wenne sol mir iemer liep geschên?

Translation by Faurina:

Many a man is bewitched by the elves
Thus I myself have also been bewitched
By the great charm of the very best
Whom a man has ever loved
But if she will hate me therefore
And harm me, then she shall take revenge
By doing what I ask her for
Thus she will fill me with so much pleasure
That I shall die of bliss

When the light of her eyes hits me
So that they look right through my heart
Whoever then is to step between and disturb me
Shall see all his joy ruined!
Because, then I stand there and wait for my lady
Like the small birds for the day
When shall I ever experience love?