Photoside Cafe:Another Realm

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Another Realm
Artist: Photoside Cafe
Album: Boldfaced Legend EP

listening to words
can't see who speak
they tell me of a land, where life is easy
love it seems exists
within the walls of this land
I'll do anything to get there, to be there

take me to another realm
fulfilling and without
the emptiness I cling to
is leaving

I'm taken on a tide (undertow)
pulls me down, and so I sink with peace
I'm never seen again, like a whisper
(I fade) and never heard

a good friend of mine said
"all want to change the world"
it seems that all who do
don't want to change themselves
I need direction, I'm not afraid to ask
'cause when you're desperate
no pride should hold you back


Written by: Photoside Cafe
Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.