Oomph!:Under Pressure

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“Under Pressure”
Artist: Oomph!
Albums: Oomph! ()

See me down
Now it's taking me
How can I face this tide
Take it right in an empty stance
A psyco-punk that learns to leap

Your last time
Did the work of thou
I just keep on
No one learns to pray
I just cry
When you hold me tight
Come on reach
My sweetest bitch

Under pressure

Come to me
Rescue me
Say the healing words
My aching hands
Look holding thou
Since you been gone away

Under pressure
Give me bitch
Under pressure
The healing stitch
Under pressure
I would like to meet
Under pressure
The King in heat

Under pressure
It's redemption time
Under pressure
When you crush my chance
Under pressure
It's redemption time
Under pressure
Healing stitch