Motörhead:No Remorse

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“No Remorse”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Hammered (2002)

All men know what waits for us
Wooden box, worm and dust
Maybe heaven, pearly gates
Hasty prayer, when it's too late
Burn in hell, all is lost
Purgatory, fingers crossed
Which or Who, your or mine?
Eternity's a long, long time

Never mind, nevre fail
Right this time, on the nail
Never mind, Never mind, Never mind, Never mind
No remorse, No remorse, No remorse, No remorse

You know it well, confess it now
Christian guilt, is what's allowed
Other words are heresy
Burn forever 1, 2, 3
What can you do? No guaranties
Hopeful begging, on your knees
All in all, you're going down
Winged sinner or singed clown


Repent ye fool, God will hear
Christmas carol, midnight clear
Otherwise, pits of fire
Punishment for base desire
Satan waits, goatee beard
Long old tail, nasty spear
If you believe these tales they tell
Then you deserve to burn in Hell