Motörhead:Over Your Shoulder

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“Over Your Shoulder”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Everything Louder Than Everyone Else (Disc 1) (1999)

We know all the words of power
All about the witching hour
We know the reason why you're scared
And here comes your nightmare
Over your shoulder honey, you don't wanna turn around
Bring the night closer, we are gonna bring you down
It's the times that we live in, erosion of the mind
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind

When the mode of music changes
The walls around the city shakes
Look into the face of danger
We know how to make you break

Over your shoulder honey, right behind your back
Make you a true believer, maybe give you heart attack
We are what you made us, see what we can find
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind

We can't help the way we feel
We don't want to make a deal
Look out, honey, use your head
Might be murder in your bed

Over your shuolder honey, the face still shines
Nobody you recognize, isn't yours, isn't mine
See the mouth smiling, make the words rhyme
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind