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Michel Jonasz
* {{album link|Year|La Fabuleuse Histoire De Mr Swing}}
* {{album link|1988|La fabuleuse histoire de Mr Swing}}
* {{album link|Year|Pôle Ouest}}
* {{album link|1996|Soul Music Airlines}}
* {{album link|Year|Où vont les rêve}}
* {{album link|2000|Pôle Ouest}}
* {{album link|Year|Album}}
* {{album link|2002|Où vont les rêves?}}
==Members== (for bands/groups, optional)
* Artist Name (19xx-19xx)
* Artist Name
==Member of== (for artists, optional)
* [[Band Name]] (19xx-19xx)
* [[Band Name]] (19xx-20xx)
==External Links==
==External Links==
{{artist external links|official=URL}}
{{artist external links|official=http://www.micheljonasz.fr/}}
{{C:Artist|J|Jonasz Michel}}

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