John Frusciante:Height Down

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“Height Down”
Artist: John Frusciante feat. River Phoenix
Albums: Smile From the Streets You Hold (1997)

I'll send flowers
Again for her
Blossom castle sent as her guest
A gift described
Disguised as my arrival

Nothing like full regret
Psychos did you hear
Dirty boys always seek that roller coaster
Yeah it falls, yeah I'm happy
I can sure see everything
Gather 'round the fireplace
Filling in the sun

Murderless, helping hands
In a soul removal

Leaders is century now
Kings who gives it to her for me...

Better I said


Feeling light-headed, fly through the wall
You realize words that come after what you plan for
I need you but don't leave tomorrow 'cuz you will be right

Sit Down, sit down, sit down