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This is intended as a guide to how to add new song lyrics. These are guidelines, and you don't necessarily have to follow them, but if you do it will help in giving a more uniform feel to the site. If you don't, your pages may possibly be changed to conform by someone else, but this may not necessarily be the case.

Song Titles

Please name all songs with the following format:

Artist - Song Name

For example

Thrice - Identity Crisis

Recommended Page Format

The below template can be copied and pasted into the page for a new song, and the correct fields filled out, for easy addition of new lyrics. You can also look here for an example.

Artist: artistname
Album: albumname

Lyric line 1
Lyric line 2
Lyric line 3

Be sure to remember to make the artist and album names links back to the artist and the album!

How to Handle New Lines

Keep in mind that wiki pages do not automatically display new lines that you type into the edit box. For example, if you typed this text in:

This is the first line
This is the second line

It would be displayed as:

This is the first line This is the second line

To get new lines correctly, you can use one of two methods. The first is to end every line with a <br> tag, like this:

Lyric line 1<br>
Lyric line 2<br>

The second option is to begin every line with a space, which will put a box around all the lines that start with a space, like the box around the two lines above. If you go with this method, be sure to put a space at the beginning of blank lines between sections of text as well, or you will end up with multiple boxes, like this:

Lyric line 1
Lyric line 2