Garth Brooks:Callin' Baton Rouge

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“Callin' Baton Rouge”
Artist: Garth Brooks
Albums: In Pieces (1993)
Lyricists: Dennis Linde

I spent last night in the arms
Of a girl in Louisiana
And though I'm out on the highway
My thoughts are still with her
Such a strange combination of a woman and a child
Such a strange situation stoppin' every hundred miles
Callin' Baton Rouge

A replay of last nights events
Roll through my mind
Except a scene or two
Erased by sweet red wine
And I see a truck stop sign ahead
So I change lanes
I need a cup of coffee
And a couple dollars change
Callin' baton rouge

Operator won't you put me on through
I gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge
Hurry up won't you put her on the line
I gotta talk to the girl just one more time.

Hello Samantha dear, I hope you're feelin fine
And it won't be long until I'm with you all the time
But until then I'll spend my money up right down to my last dime
Callin' Baton Rouge.

Callin' Baton Rouge
Sweet Baton Rouge, my Baton Rouge