Fingertips:'Cause To Love You

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“'Cause To Love You”
Artist: Fingertips
Albums: Catharsis (2006)
Composers: Rui Saraiva & Hélder Matos

When I’m feeling down nothing seems ok
I see your eyes and I believe we'll find a way
When I’m feeling down thing's don't go so well
I see your eyes and I forget the tears that fell

When I’m alone in the street, when I’m scared and tired
For the first time in my whole life I feel desired

When I’m far from home and I just don't want to be found
I run into your arms and they bring my feet back to the ground

‘Cause to Love you means so much more
When I need to cry you make me try
I want to die you ask me why
‘Cause I can’t fight no more
When I wanted to stop
When I wanted to fail
I saw your eyes and I believed there's so much more